Investigative Division

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The Investigative Division is currently under the command of Detective Lieutenant Christopher Cornelius. This division consists of the Detective Bureau, Property and Evidence Function, Community Relations Function, as well as the following responsibilities:

  •     Firearms Applicant Investigations
  •     Background Investigations
  •     Impound and Property Management
  •     Evidence and Crime Scene Processing
  •     Liaison to the Schools
  •     Community Education

Detective Bureau

Reported crimes, which may range from petty theft to homicide, are reviewed by the Detective Bureau supervisor and assigned to a detective for investigation based on several solvability factors with priority given to serious offenses. Members assigned to the Detective Bureau receive advanced training in several areas including but not limited to:

Crime Scene Investigation, Fingerprinting & Identification, Interview & Interrogation, Forensics and Narcotic Enforcement.

Our detectives strive to maintain a relationship with all members of the department, while also working closely with numerous municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, the detectives encourage the sharing of appropriate information with members of the public. Many investigations are initiated as well as solved through this type of cooperative effort. Detectives are typically available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. At all other times, detectives are available through an “on-call” status to respond as needed.

“Crime Tips” are Appreciated

Anyone with information relating to criminal activity within Lacey Township is urged to contact the Detective Bureau at 609-693-6636 x2566. You may anonymously provide crime tip information through this sites “Crime Tips” feature. Remember you can make a difference. The only information not worth investigating is what you keep to yourself.