Training Function

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One of the most important responsibilities of a law enforcement agency is the training and education of all personnel. The Lacey Township Police Department has in place a comprehensive policy that addresses the organization and administration of the entire training process, including recruit training, field training, in-service training, and firearms training. The Training Function of the Lacey Township Police Department is coordinated by Captain Patrick J. Ganley, M.A.S., as well as other select and highly qualified members of the agency.

Basic Recruit Training

All police officers hired by the Lacey Township Police Department must attend a state certified police academy. Curriculum is governed by the New Jersey Police Training Commission (PTC) and includes various subjects including but not limited to: Arrest, Search & Seizure; Criminal Law; Motor Vehicle Law, Interpersonal Skills; Physical Fitness and Firearms.

Field Training Officer Program (FTO)

Upon graduation from an accredited academy, all officers return to the police department and are required to successfully complete a Field Training Program (FTO). The FTO program is an additional 4-6 months of intense training and evaluation in which the probationary officer is paired with an experienced officer who has been carefully selected and trained as a Field Training Officer. It is the goal of the FTO Program to prepare and develop Probationary Officers to act efficiently, effectively and safely in a solo patrol capacity.

In-Service Training

Throughout their careers, members of the police department continue to update and refresh their skills and knowledge through in-service training. From mandatory annual courses to specialized topics, in-service training is a vital instrument to maintain a highly motivated, efficient department. In-service training includes courses such as:

Accident Investigation
Active Shooter Response
Blood-borne Pathogens
Alcotest Operator Certification
Glock Armorer’s Course
Firearms Qualification
Firearms Instructor
Assault Rifle Instructor

Domestic Violence
Hazardous Materials
EMT Re-Certification
Bias Incident
Cyber Crimes
High Risk Motor Vehicle Stops
School Resource Officer
Interview & Interrogation

Incident Command
Radar Certification
Emergency Response Awareness
Juvenile Law
Police Supervision and Management
Vehicular Pursuit
Use of Force
Right to Know
Basic Telecommunicator

Emergency Medical Dispatch
Crisis Call Handling
Traffic Control / Flagging
Defensive Driving Instructor
Basic SWAT
Counter-Terrorism Intelligence
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Motor Vehicle Law