Neighborhood Crime Alerts

Neighborhood Crime Alerts 2015-04-19T06:19:40-04:00

The information on this page is not designed to serve as a police blotter. It is designed to provide timely information to residents regarding specific conditions of continuing concern within the neighborhoods of Lacey Township.

For instance, while a dispute between two individuals leading to an arrest may have occurred, such a matter would not be listed as a Neighborhood Crime Alert. Family violence, civil matters, as well as the many offenses that occur yet do not pose a continuing concern or threat to the community will not be listed on this page. Incidents such as unsolved burglaries, thefts, criminal mischiefs along with other matters of continuing concern will be listed in chronological order with the most recent incidents generally appearing first. This page will serve as a resource for residents to obtain timely information about what is occurring in their neighborhoods so preventative and/or protective measures can be taken to lessen the likelihood of victimization. All persons referenced as being arrested and/or charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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