Lacey Township Online Police Reporting

Lacey Township Online Police Reporting 2015-04-17T13:35:31-04:00

The online reporting function of this website is for the convenience of the public in reporting non-emergent, relatively minor matters of concern. The entries made in the respective reporting fields must be as accurate, detailed, and as complete as possible. The information will be utilized by a Lacey Township patrol officer to complete a formal entry in the police department records management system. Although in most instances a police officer will NOT contact you, it may be necessary for the reporting officer to place a telephone call to the reporting person to clarify information for the completion of a proper report. Most police matters are not suitable for online reporting; therefore, if the matter you are intent upon reporting is not one of the options available, you must contact the police department at 609.693.6636 to initiate the traditional police reporting process. It is also important to note that the event prompting the online report must have occurred in Lacey Township for it to be formally reported to this police department.

At this time, this online reporting feature is limited to incidents of criminal mischief, stolen property, and lost property.