Department News – Lacey Township Police Department – Project Medicine Drop Box Update

Department News – Lacey Township Police Department – Project Medicine Drop Box Update

*** Project Medicine Drop Box, Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ***

The Lacey Township Police Department is proud to announce that the “Project Medicine Drop Box” located in the lobby of Lacey Township Police Department has resulted in the collection/disposal of approximately 5,000 pounds of medication since the program began in early 2013. The Drop box provides residents with a method to properly dispose of unwanted medications in a safe and legal manner.

Once the medication is dropped in the box, the bulk quantity of medications received is weighed and then transported to a designated incinerator facility located in New Jersey.

Lacey Township residents may bring their unwanted medications to the lobby of police headquarters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and drop the medication into the drop box without any other steps.  Please note that Syringes and liquids are NOT permitted. The drop box is for medication only.

Although residents may be more comfortable emptying their pills (while in the lobby) into an unmarked plastic bag before dropping them into the drop box, the program allows for the resident to drop the medication in their original container. This program is anonymous and no record will be made of individual identities related to this program. Residents simply need to walk into police headquarters, drop the medications in the drop box, and leave, all without having to check in with anyone.

If anyone has any questions in regard to the drop box, you may contact Detective Lieutenant Christopher Cornelius at 609-693-6636 ext. 2566.

Thank you.

Chief Michael C. DiBella

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