Department News – Lacey Township Police Department – Lacey Police/Ocean County Sheriff’s Police Explorer Introduction

Department News – Lacey Township Police Department – Lacey Police/Ocean County Sheriff’s Police Explorer Introduction

The above photos depict (in no particular order) Lacey Police Chief Michael C. DiBella and Ocean County Sheriff’s Officer Christine Farrell addressing the Police Explorers at last evening’s Lacey Township Meeting.

On the evening of March 23, 2017, the Ocean County Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Explorers (Post #1) were introduced to the Lacey Township Governing Body and the community at the township meeting. The introduction began with the Police Explorers marching in to the Court Room, being led by Police Explorer Drill Instructor Ambrosio. Once seated, Chief Michael C. DiBella thanked the Mayor and Township Committee for the opportunity to introduce the police department’s new Police Explorer Program, which falls under the Ocean County Sheriff (Ocean County Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Explorers Post #1).  Chief DiBella spoke briefly about the Police Explorer Program, and how he too began his law enforcement career as a police explorer more than 30 years ago. Sheriff’s Officer Christine Farrell introduced each Police Explorer, including their name, age, where they are from, their school and what their career choice will be after graduating High School. Several of them are interested in a career in law enforcement, while some are heading off to the military. In addition, one of the police explorers will be studying political science. The Ocean County Sheriff’s Police Explorer Program began in January 2016. Lacey Township Police joined forces with them in December 2016.  Presently there are  14 police explorers in Post #1, including 12 from Lacey Township.

Lieutenant Paul Sullivan Jr., the senior advisor representing Lacey Township Police, spoke briefly on the types of training provided to the police explorers, along with some of the training they will be receiving over the next few months. Some of their training consists of, but is not limited to, Narcotics Investigations, Search Warrant preparation and Service and Domestic Violence.

Officer Leanne Petracca from the Ocean Township Police Department, who is also an advisor to the police explorers, was also present at last night’s introduction.

The Police Explorers will be utilized at events in Lacey Township, such as Lacey Day, the July 4th Fireworks Event, Applefest, along with the Memorial Day and Christmas Day Parades. In addition, they will be working similar events throughout Ocean County under the authority of Sheriff Michael Mastronardy.

About the Program

The Police Explorer program is run through the Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life program and is designed to provide exciting and challenging training, along with “on-the-job” experience for young adults who may be interested in a career in law enforcement. Police Explorers participate in many phases of Law enforcement work, but are NOT placed in dangerous situations. The Police Explorer program is an excellent way to become involved with the community while learning about a possible career in law enforcement!  Several Law Enforcement Officers began their careers as police explorers.

Partnering with the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department  is a win-win for Lacey Township’s young adults, allowing the explorers to be involved in community events throughout Ocean County including Lacey Township.  This opportunity allows the police explorers to make law enforcement contacts throughout Ocean County and New Jersey, providing them with an inside view of various law enforcement opportunities. Furthermore, partnering with the Sheriff’s Office brings various specialties available to the police explorers, including but not limited to, interactions with the K-9 Unit, Crime Scene Investigation Unit, and Marine Bureau.


Ÿ    Be 14 to 20 years of age (must enter the program prior to 18th birthday, and must be at least in the 9th grade)

Ÿ    Maintain at least a ‘C’ average in all school work through 12th grade

Ÿ    Pass a background investigation (criminal/motor vehicle record)

Ÿ    Complete an oral interview

Ÿ    Maintain outstanding moral and ethical character at all times

Ÿ    Demonstrate willingness to serve and participate in Police Explorer activities and community events

An applicant CANNOT have any arrests, convictions, or serious motor vehicle violations (for example a DUI). Police Explorers will have to display professionalism and good behavior at all times.  The Police Explorer must be able to work independently and with other Explorers, Explorer Peer Supervisors, and Law Enforcement Officers. The public will hold Police Explorers to the same high standards as Police Officers.

Police Explorers must attend training three times a month once appointed. The training is conducted by Ocean County Sheriff’s Officers, Lacey Township Police Officers, and additional law enforcement officers, who serve as Police Explorer Advisors.

Applications are currently available at the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, 120 Hooper Avenue, 3rd Floor, in Toms River, and the Lacey Township Police Department, located at 808 W. Lacey Road in Forked River. Applications are also available at the Lacey Township High School Guidance Office, located at 73 Haines Street in Lanoka Harbor. Completed applications can either be submitted to the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department or the  Lacey Township Police Department. There are no fees involved for the police explorer program. For additional information or questions, please contact Lieutenant Paul Sullivan, Jr., at the Lacey Township Police Department (609) 693-6636, ext. 2577, or Ocean County Sheriff’s Officer Christine Farrell at (732) 288-7843.

The below picture depicts in no particular order Chief Michael C. DiBella, Lieutenant Paul Sullivan, Jr., Sheriff’s Officer Christine Farrell, Ocean Township Police Officer Leanne Petracca and the Police Explorers just outside the Lacey Township Municipal Building, on the evening of March 23rd, 2017.


I want to thank everyone who came out to support the police explorers last evening. From day one I have been very passionate about bringing a Police Explorer Post to the young adults of Lacey Township. With the overwhelming support from the Lacey Township Governing Body and the Ocean County Sheriff, this program has truly succeeded.

I look forward to seeing the Police Explorers working throughout our community in the very near future.

Thank you all.

Chief Michael C. DiBella

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